Today, A24 unveiled a gorgeous new poster and a stunning and unsettling trailer for their forthcoming film Woodshock.

Directed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Woodshock stars Kirsten Dunst in what might be a long-deserved Awards-gathering turn. The trailer doesn’t show much, and the IMDb synopsis is even more vague (“A woman falls deeper into paranoia after taking a deadly drug.”), but it’s enough to make me think maybe this is a good film to go into blind. With Melancholia and, more recently, as the standout in the second season of Fargo, Dunst has proven herself to be a mesmerizing dramatic presence, and the Mulleavy’s, whose previous work includes credits for the costume and wardrobe in in Darren Aronofsky’s hypnotic Black Swan, seem to have continued finding more depth from the actress.

For now, enjoy the trailer and poster below.

Woodshock will be on our radar until its September 15, 2017 release and we’ll update you with anything we learn along the way.

Featured Image: A24