This morning’s Washington Post offered up what perhaps shouldn’t be a controversial headline: “Nicole Kidman belongs in our pantheon of great actresses.” Yet audiences have always seemed to have a more complicated relationship with the star than has Hollywood, and it’s time to start questioning why. She’s had misses, certainly—hello, Grace of Monaco—but look down at your fingers at start counting all her stellar roles. You’re going to need both hands—maybe a foot, too.

In recent years, we’ve had the McConaissance and, while Michael Keaton’s name doesn’t lend itself to a halfway decent portmanteau, he’s deservedly gotten his time back in the limelight, too. Their stumbles (Failure to Launch, Batman respectively) are right there alongside their essentials (too many now to list). Yet Kidman hasn’t been so easily forgiven. Too icy, too unwrinkled, too Cruise-adjacent, the people spoke.

But that may be changing. Thanks likely to her role in Big Little Lies, the tide is shifting:

Is this the era of finally appreciating “complicated” actresses—whatever that means? Maybe we’re the ones overcomplicating it. Maybe it’s just time to appreciate great work.

Featured Image: HBO