John Squires over at Bloody Disgusting has alerted us to Nosferatu -the Non Silent Film. That’s right, using Getty sound clips a group referred to as AlmapBBDO has added sound and dialogue to the most iconic and well-known vampire movie from 1922, and while I’m tempted to say don’t mess with perfection, it works. Very well. Check out the trailer and posters here. Squires writes:

Nosferatu – The Non Silent Film can (and absolutely should) be watched for free over at, where you can interact with the sound timeline of the production and have access to each file that was used in the film. The website also features a making of the project with interviews full of curiosities, fun facts and interesting details about the production process.

Nosferatu is technically public domain already so you can watch it anytime (pro tip: it makes for great atmosphere playing in the background of adult Halloween parties. That is not an oxymoron.) But I suggest you check this out where you can nerd out hardcore, and get a fresh take on the creepy film.

Featured Image: Film Arts Guild