The Rocky franchise is one of my favorite franchises. I love this character and his struggles. Rocky V is pretty terrible, but there is still some good stuff in there. Rocky Balboa is the best sequel and one of the greatest cinematic send offs of a classic character. It’s melancholy, heart-warming, and beautiful. And it was the end of the series until Creed came along with Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed of the first two films. And for good measure, Jordan also brought along the director of his starring turn from Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler.

Creed looks like another great follow up to the legacy of the Italian Stallion, and the emotion that carries throughout the best entries of the series is already present in this two minute trailer. It’s a series that takes place in the world of boxing, but it’s central conceit is about overcoming impossible odds. It’s about the little victories in life. It’s about making us cry and cheer simultaneously.

Will I cry? Probably. I pretty much bawled my eyes out when I first saw Rocky Balboa, and I still can’t make it through the first film without emptying a box of tissues (Adrian!).

With any luck, Creed will make me cry and cheer on November 25, 2015.