… It’s just gonna hurt ya really, really, bad.

Yeah, I’m a fan of two DC movie trailers in a row. Ayer’s aesthetics are spotlighted in this appropriately dreary and creepy look at Suicide Squad slated for release next year. The Joker look is still iffy to me but Jared Leto is going for total loon with the clown prince of crime. As of this first trailer it sounds too similar to Ledger’s take and the laugh at the end isn’t working for me. He sounds like a lame duck squawking. Maybe it’ll play better in context.

For the rest of the trailer, Viola Davis is grade A casting for Amanda Waller. “Let’s just say I threw them in the hole and threw away the hole.” is classic Waller. The first minute or so of the trailer is fine but once the music creeps up on us, the trailer gets slowly more promising. We get a glimpse at how extravagantly obtuse the Suicide Squad lineup is as Waller explains why the taskforce is perfect for their shady government dealings (as covert organizations are wont to do).

Ayer’s grimy grit goes hand in hand with this darker story. And the last minute is sort of incredible in how it ramps up the intensity with people in furry costumes shooting in all directions and members of the squad interacting out in the field. Before the final reveal of the Joker, I was on board with the trailer. It’s the best possible shot to end on, telling the audience this movie is going to be fucking nuts. I’m in.

Suicide Squad opens August 5, 2016.