Summer has cruised by at light speed and August has arrive, with all of its blistering heat and lackluster blockbuster releases. Why leave the house, your couch, and your precious air conditioning to watch a great movie when there are plenty of options on demand? Here are our top picks for this month:


Tallulah Still


A Sundance Film Festival darling, Sian Heder both writes and directs this film about a roamer who elicits help in her attempt to raise an abandoned toddler. An examination of motherhood and the definition of a good and bad mother, Tallulah, slipps into many of the melodramatic hiccups indie films can be stereotyped with, but with a solid cast. Ellen Paige has officially come full circle since her last tryst through the existential crisis that is impending motherhood. Tallulah is currently available exclusively on Netflix.

Roseanne for President!

Rosanne! for President Still

IFC Films

Comedian Roseann Barr documents her 2012 political journey as she campaigns for President of the United States. The film balances a depiction of the events along with an array of flashbacks portraying Roseanne’s various contributions to society and professional highlights. Amid all of the angst surrounding this country’s current presidential election, AE’s reviewer remarks this film is “likely to enhance existing political frustrations through its biographical portraiture”.  Roseanne for President! Is currently available to rent on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube for $6.99.

Zero Days

Zero Days

Magnolia Pictures

Written and directed by documentary veteran Alex Gibney, known for that other Steve Jobs movie that came out last year along with the HBO Scientology documentary Going Clear, Zero Days delves into the world of cyber warfare. The film follows the story of Stuxnet, a piece of malware the United States and Israel used on an Iranian nuclear facility. Zero Days is currently available to rent on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube for $6.99.

Childhood of a Leader

IFC Films

IFC Films

Melancholia star Brady Corbet’s feature length directorial debut follows an American child through the aftermath of World War I. The film, starring Robert Pattinson as Charles, “The Leader”, is both ambitious and unsettling, and likely to put Corbet on the map as a director to watch in the years to come. Childhood of a Leader is currently available to rent on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube for $6.99.

What are your favorite films available on demand for this month? Share the wealth in the comments below, and stay cool my friends.

Featured Image: IFC Films