Some of the best horror involves being trapped in a space where you might not be alone (Recently, remember The Void, Baskin, Autopsy of Jane Doe, or even Last Shift?) Besides being easy on the budget, tight-space thrillers force creativity and a quality of performance that stretches everyone involved. Only some are up to the challenge.

The Vault is opening in Select Theaters & On Demand on Friday, September 1 and is directed by Dan Bush, who you might know from his previous film, The Signal.

Taryn Manning (good ol’ Pennsatucky) and Francesca Eastwood (Final Girl) play badass sisters who team up to rob a bank. In doing so, they’re brought to a secret underground vault by the bank manager (James Franco) where something evil lies in wait. A heist is entertaining enough on its own, but add in some unspoken evil? I’m sold! Check out the trailer below:

Featured Image: FilmRise