Sports are cool. Sports represent one of the few mediums where one can experience the full range of human emotion in a matter of seconds. Experiencing a great sports moment is an incredible feeling and when you are invested as a fan in that moment, it becomes ethereal and transcendent. The greatest game in NBA history was played last night and LeBron James delivered the single greatest Finals series performance ever. In doing so, he brought a championship back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, their first ever, and his home of northeast Ohio.

Cavalier’s super-fan critically acclaimed star of every movie he’s ever been in Paul Dano was not able to watch the game live. This, as sports fans know, is an awful feeling. To miss the live airing of your favorite team’s most important game is crushing. However, with the magic of DVR and his infinitely praise-worthy girlfriend Zoe Kazan, he was able to seize his fan experience and watch it today with no knowledge of the final outcome. Kazan, his DVR savior and equally acclaimed star of every movie she’s ever been in, captured his reaction on Twitter in the most gleeful and joyous intersection of sports and film that you’re likely to encounter in 2016.

You can see it all below.


Look at the unbridled joy on his face at the end. Sports is one of the few places you will ever see someone with that type of elation. Reading through his reaction offers a textbook example of how rabid sports fans react during games. We yell at the television, ask why and how repeatedly, scream, worry, and live. In the end, we are either heartbroken or elated, with rarely any room for the in-between, but no matter the outcome we always want to come back for more. Dano’s bliss is the best answer for why we do.


Featured Image: Twitter account: zoeinthecities
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