Podcasts are awesome (especially From First to Last) and each week sees brand new, fantastic shows appearing, demanding to be fed into your ears. How do you decide what to listen to and what to ignore? Not to worry, Audiences Everywhere has you covered. Each week we’ll give our picks for the best podcasts you should be listening to about movies (and other things) so you don’t have to make any more hard podcast decisions ever again.

Movie Podcast of the Week

Exploding Helicopter

It’s also nice to find a movie podcast with a precise, laser-like focus. One that only has episodes about a particular genre, actor, or kind of movie. With this week’s movie podcast the focus is simply movies in which a helicopter explodes. And as it turns out, that is a lot of movies.

The hosts choose a different movie each episode to focus on with the only caveat being that within the movie a helicopter must explode. This means that the titles looked at range from Chuck Norris classic Invasion USA to Wes Anderson masterpiece The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

The episode is both a review of the movie in question and a review of the scene featuring the titular doomed helicopter. It’s lots of fun, features great movies, and will remind you of all the wonderful times you’ve watched a flying machine go up in flames.

Where to Begin: With the wide range of movies discussed it’s easy to choose one you love (in my case it was True Lies) and start from there.

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Non-Movie Podcast of the Week

The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project

Listeners to Comedy Bang! Bang! will likely already know about Andy Daly and his incredible comedy creations. The episodes where he appears opposite Jason Mantzoukas are far and away the greatest the podcast has ever done, and each featured a character good enough to have his own show.

This podcast is an oldie but a goodie and is all about each of Daly’s characters getting their moment in the sun. Each episode is posited as one of his characters sending in their pilot tape to Earwolf in the hopes of getting a full show.

The pilots are all incredible and a real showcase for Daly’s (and his guests) improv talents. They also feature a whole host of wonderful comedians like Matt Gourley, James Adomian, Betsy Sodaro, Paul F. Thompkins, Erinn Hayes, Jason Mantzoukas, and Jessica St. Clair.

Where to Begin: The first episode is all about poet laureate of the west, Dalton Wilcox and is a bona fide masterpiece, so maybe start there.

Where to Find it: OfficialFacebookTwitteriTunes