Podcasts are awesome (especially From First to Last) and each week sees brand new, fantastic shows appearing, demanding to be fed into your ears. How do you decide what to listen to and what to ignore? Not to worry; Audiences Everywhere has you covered. Each week we’ll give our picks for the best podcasts you should be listening to about movies (and other things) so you don’t have to make any more hard podcast decisions ever again.

Movie Podcast of the Week

The Storybreakers Podcast

gfybaizwThe Storybreakers Podcast is all about movies that don’t exist. Each week hosts, Chris Brennan and Stevie Ryan, take an existing property and pitch an idea for a sequel or a reboot from scratch. It is fascinating to hear the hosts brainstorming ideas and as someone who is incredibly interested in the creative process, this podcast is gold for me as I love to hear ideas come together.

The episodes pitching sequels to It Follows, Last Action Hero, and The X-Files are highlights but there is a vast array of episodes to choose from and give a listen to. The most frustrating thing is realising that these movies probably aren’t ever going to exist.

Also the boys engage in some interesting dynamic live-readings of unmade scripts. They have gathered a very talented cast to perform scripts such as the unmade Superman script by JJ Abrams, the original Batman vs Superman, George Lucas’ first Star Wars draft, and the original script for Alien 3. These live readings are about as close as you’ll get to seeing these movies and they are fantastic looks at what if?

Where to Begin: Anywhere. I chose a favourite movie to hear their sequel pitch and went from there.

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Non-Movie Podcast of the Week

Our Debut Album

downloadIt is disgraceful that it took me this long to hear about this podcast. Each month for a year hosts, Dave Shumka and Graham Clark, are composing an album. In each episode they have one hour to write and compose a song that they will then record and release on band camp.

Much like Storybreakers above this podcast is an enthralling look at the process of creating something from nothing. They start with the thinnest of ideas and build outwards, brainstorming all manner of good and bad ideas, and racing the clock to get their song done before the deadline.

A standout episode is Episode 4: Sharon Shockwave featuring the massively talented Aaron Read. The premise of the song is simple: Why aren’t there more about older women? Which leads to the composition of one of my new favourite songs, Sharon Shockwave. The podcast is funny, interesting, and even for someone like me who is musically talentless a masterclass in how to collaborate to make something amazing.

Where to Begin: Track one. Or Sharon Shockwave because it’s amazing.

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