Podcasts are awesome (especially From First to Last) and each week sees brand new, fantastic shows appearing, demanding to be fed into your ears. How do you decide what to listen to and what to ignore? Not to worry, Audiences Everywhere has you covered. Each week we’ll give our picks for the best podcasts you should be listening to about movies (and other things) so you don’t have to make any more hard podcast decisions ever again.

Movie Podcast of the Week

The Worst Idea of all Time

Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt are gluttons for punishment. Their podcast, The Worst Idea of All Time, is torture that they have no one for blame for but themselves. Each season they choose a universally derided movie and then they watch it every week for a year, releasing a weekly podcast in which they discuss how each week’s viewing has altered the movie experience for them/drove them a little bit closer to the edge.

The two Kiwis are quick-witted and have great chemistry. There are definitely hosts where I could imagine the steam running out after the first couple of weeks but Batt and Montgomery are dedicated to this absurd idea and each week bring fresh insight and renewed despair.

So far the movies they have watched are Grown Ups 2, Sex and the City 2, and We Are Your Friends. I wouldn’t wish a single viewing of any of those movies on anyone and I salute the boys for watching each 52 times for our entertainment.

Where to Begin: Pick a season, start from the start.

Where to Find it: OfficialFacebookTwitter (Guy)Twitter (Tim)iTunes

Non-Movie Podcast of the Week

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Last week’s movie podcast of the week, Til Death do us Blart, is hosted by the above New Zealanders and the three brothers who helm My Brother, My Brother, and Me. The podcast is, at its core, an advice show in which people write in questions and the McElroy brothers, Griffin, Travis, and Justin give their answers.

The brothers, probably because they’re brothers, give the podcast a great atmosphere of camaraderie and affectionate hostility. Much like the Worst Ideas hosts they are quick and adept comedians so the humour comes from the fact that they can riff against each other with absolute ease, each one adding something to their brother’s nonsense.

If you’re looking for help with a problem, then you can get in touch with them. How much help they’ll be is a different story, but it’s worth a try.

Where to Begin: It’s not really a linear podcast so I would say anywhere.

Where to Find it: OfficialFacebookTwitter – iTunes