Podcasts are awesome (especially From First to Last) and each week sees brand new, fantastic shows appearing, demanding to be fed into your ears. How do you decide what to listen to and what to ignore? Not to worry; Audiences Everywhere has you covered. Each week we’ll give our picks for the best podcasts you should be listening to about movies (and other things) so you don’t have to make any more hard podcast decisions ever again.

Horror Movie Podcast of the Week

The Rants Macabre

460-_11661552 The Rants Macabre is on the Fangoria podcast network is you’re wondering about it’s horror movie bona fides. Hosted by Darren and Mindy, The Rants Macabre is a great horror movie podcast for people who really love the genre and its history. The horror genre is a constantly changing one so it is also interesting to dissect and look at different periods in horror history.

This podcast is split between its lunch hour review episodes, which are thirty minute reviews of new releases, and its longer form essays about different eras and creators. These longer episodes are a mist-listen for horror fans as they are in depth, funny, and meticulously put together. They also deal with topics that haven’t already been discussed to death like their two part look at Roger Corman’s Poe cycle and their episode about Irish horror movies.

Much like previous Podcast of the Week, The Faculty of Horror, it’s great to hear a podcast that takes the genre seriously. Too many other horror movie podcasts are just bros talking about how a movie didn’t scare them or trying to prove they don’t like mainstream stuff, so its nice to have The Rants Macabre where two friends shoot the shit about movies they love while giving you an education as well.

Where to Begin: Dive into the Corman’s Poe cycle episodes to get your bearings and then jump around from there.

Where to Find it: Official Facebook Twitter iTunes

Non-Horror Movie Podcast of the Week

The Generation Why Podcast

600x600bbAnother unsolved mystery podcast but very different in execution to the previous ones we’ve featured here. The Generation Why Podcast strips the format back foregoing music, reenactments, and recordings from the scene. Instead the hosts, Aaron and Justin, simply tell each other the story of a mystery, murder, conspiracy, or other true crime with occasional comments and questions.

The lack of extra features creates a feeling of intimacy as though the two hosts are sat telling you the story over a beer or during a meal. Like they’re both so excited to tell you the story that they end up telling it together, one filling in the blanks for the other.

The stories are also presented in a dry, un-sensational way. They are reporting stories of interest to illuminate or spread the word rather than purely for shock value or to give you nightmares (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Where to Begin: As of writing this there are over two hundred episodes so I would say jump around. Read the descriptions and find something that interests you.

Where to Find it: Official Facebook Twitter iTunes