Podcasts are awesome (especially mine) and each week sees brand new, fantastic shows appearing, demanding to be fed into your ears. How do you decide what to listen to and what to ignore? Not to worry; Audiences Everywhere has you covered. Each week we’ll give our picks for the best podcasts you should be listening to about movies (and other things) so you don’t have to make any more hard podcast decisions ever again.

Movie Podcast of the Week

No, Totally!

nototally-v4.1-itunes-3000pxIt’s probably not a secret that we’re big fans of Shaun Lau’s No, Totally! podcast. After all, multiple AE staffwriters have been featured on the show with some almost being regulars. Shaun also appeared on my own podcast, From First to Last, to talk about Newsradio. Obviously, we’re not just fans because he lets us guest on the show. We’re fans because Shaun manages to bridge the gap between having a jokey chat about movies and also presenting important, social issues in an honest, unflinching way.

Episodes have tackled issues of race, mental health, and, recently, Shaun has engaged in a long form project about LGBTQIA+ issues with speakers from those communities going on his show to discuss their experiences. And if that’s not your bag then the movie conversation is strong too. Shaun and co-host Brian have chemistry for days and manage to have arguments that tap dance on the line between friendly bickering and the disagreement that leads to a fist fight, which is what you want in a robust movie discussion.

Where to begin: If you want to hear some of the Audiences Everywhere writers’ voices, then I would suggest diving in on The Exorcist, Attack the Block, No Country for Old Men, Blade Runner, and Obvious Child as a start. Alternately, Austin Shinn’s first appearance on the episode about autism is a classic, or just dive in anywhere. Find a movie you like/dislike and go for it.

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Non-Movie Podcast of the Week

Alice Isn’t Dead

600x600bbLast week’s choice was a true crime podcast that managed to scare the crap out of me on my morning commute. This week is a fiction podcast that had the same effect. Alice Isn’t Dead comes from Joseph Fink, half of the team behind Welcome to Night Vale, the awesome Twin Peaks meets The League of Gentlemen podcast sensation that will undoubtedly end up as a pick of the week in the future.

Alice Isn’t Dead follows the story of a truck driver played by the incredible Jasika Nicole who has taken to the road to find her wife who doesn’t seem to be as dead as originally thought. Each episode is a one woman show as Nicole talks into her radio to the missing Alice who may or may not be able to hear her. The first season begins with some standalone adventures before settling into a bigger plot about the monsters that dwell in the vastness of America. Alive Isn’t Dead is funny, weird, and, most of all, scary. It is the best horror movie that you ever put into your ears and now that season one is finished it’s the best time to catch up before season two is released next year.

Where to begin: Episode one.

Where to find it: iTunesWebsite Libsyn Podbean