In celebration of Audiences Everywhere’s forthcoming one year anniversary, Shaun and Brian of the No, Totally podcast have graciously extended an invitation to host four of our writers as guests in separate episodes. If you are fans of what we do here at Audiences Everywhere, you’ll love what these guys (and frequently, some very interesting guests) do with their podcast. Be sure to follow them on social media and listen to their backlog of episodes. First up for AE on the show, Richard Newby:

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of being a guest on the podcast No, Totally! where we discussed Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (the 1992 Director’s Cut). While the No, Totally! team weren’t fans of the movie (madness, I know) we managed to find some common ground over our love of Alien, Star Wars, and movie taglines. We also tackled our feelings about straightforward vs. ambiguous movies, bringing a film that I’m not a fan of, John Wick, into the mix (madness on my part, I know). So give it a listen, gasp at our cinematic opinions, and be sure to follow No, Totally! on Twitter (@NoTotally) and rate and review them on iTunes!

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