For May, we’re bringing back our Do the Right Funding series to highlight a few film projects that we feel deserve support. This month’s selections include a narrative short, a feature length documentary, and an ambitious adaptation of a fan favorite writer.

Project One: A Juliet, A Margot

Format: Short Film

Goal: £1,250 GBP

Who Are They: Writer/Director Scout Stuart and Producer Sophie Broadgate are filmmakers who met while at Manchester School of Art. The former has made several celebrated short films and was paired with Director Hong Khaou as part of BFI Flare Mentorship Scheme and the latter’s work can be seen on her YouTube channel TheRainyDayVideo.

Why Support This: In addition to committing to the development of a film that measures women and LGBT romance in a more human scope, Stuart and Broadgate also plan to ensure that at least fifty percent of their hired crew are women, which means A Juliet, a Margot isn’t just a promising work of short cinema, but a project that matches ambition with social action.


Project Two: Nobody Knows Anything (Except William Goldman)


Format: Feature Documentary

Goal: $50,000

Who Are They: Director/Producer Caroline Case is a screenwriter who has rewritten many in-productions scripts, including The ExpressRunaway Jury, Don’t Say A Word, and Impostor. Producer Suzanne Weinert has helped produced several narrative documentaries, is the writer/producer of Exterminators, and was the executive producer of the film Hellion. They are backed by a very experienced crew of both technical and production staff members.

Why Support This: We recently inducted William Goldman into Cinema Saint status to celebrate our love for his screenwriting contributions to the history of film. But the screenwriter, novelist, playwright is largely under-discussed and biographically unexplored. The commitment of such a capable crew could go a long way in helping lovers of film and Goldman understand a man who has contributed an immeasurable amount to cinema and the general science of writing.


Project Three: Lullabye

Form: Feature Film

Goal: $250,000

Who Are They: The Lullabye team is comprised of many team members, but most importantly, the project has the support and participation of author Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote the novel upon which this project is based as well as the novels from which the movies Fight Club and Choke are adapted.

Why Support This: Fight Club and Choke each had their charms, both in cinematic and novelized forms, but Lullabye might represent Palahniuk’s most personal work, a novel written as the author was asked by a prosecutor whether he wanted to pursue the death penalty for the murderer of his father. The planned $250,000 budget represents a fraction of the 63 million it cost to produce Fight Club and such a scaled down production might inspire filmmaking inventiveness that could really enliven the translation of Palahniuk’s literary voice.


Featured Image: Josh Leake’s Kickstarter Campaign for Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullabye