If Latino Review is to be believed (and they do have quite the track record) writer of Cloverfield and the man who saved the ending of World War Z is going to be directing and writing the new Spider-Man movie. The story seems to indicate that Peter Parker will have been Spider-Man for some time now. No more origin redos. They’re smart enough to realize audiences may get tired of seeing Uncle Ben die. Again.

The report also reads Peter Parker will still be in high school, with most likely an unknown taking the role. They liken it to how Radcliffe grew up as Harry Potter. They want the same for their new Peter Parker.

Drew Goddard has had his hands in coming-of-age stories, as he had done extensive work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer which is pretty much a perfect template for a Spider-Man TV series. Sean and I have both brought that up here and here. Goddard’s initial Sinister Six movie, which caused him to leave production on Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix show, is gone. The core villains of the titular team may be integrated into the plot of Parker’s new Spectacular Spider-Man (working title) series, as the new franchise will supposedly have Spider-Man fight the team. Here’s what Latino Review’s source had to say:

So the thinking at the moment is that Sony will faze out all the Spidey Verse films they were developing.  Yes even the Aunt May film (that was real!) and focus on a story involving Spidey versus the Sinister Six.  At one point they were developing a film that was just going to be a spinoff called THE SINISTER SIX.  That’s scrapped but the big news is that the director of that film, Drew Goddard, will write AND direct the Spectacular Spider Man movie.

The movie probably won’t have anything to do with the animated series or comic title it’s based on, but it’s fun to note the Sinister Six were fully formed before the first season of Spectacular even ended.

But that’s not all. Another rumored major story point includes Spider-Man fighting against Iron Man in an attempt to pass an “audition” to join the team of Earth’s Mightiest.

And finally, the crème de la crème, Avi Arad, the man almost singlehandedly responsible for destroying the web-heads public appeal to market toys, will only remain an executive producer in name. Amy Pascal will replace in the true producing department.

If you weren’t excited about Spider-Man coming home to Marvel before, maybe one of the most creative minds working in the industry writing and directing will change your tune.