12003298_163762223964061_4919450361072736886_nRyan MacLean is a native of Canada who, at an early age, found himself enamored with the world of film and television. Having spent much of his time while growing up (probably too much time if you ask his parents) immersing himself in the medium, Ryan developed a keen eye for quality. Ryan is always ready to tactfully offer his insight into the world of film and television along with a healthy dose of dry wit. Are his standards a bit too high? Some might say so though Ryan has never been afraid to call out garbage as garbage, sometimes to the chagrin of those around him.

Currently Journalism major, Ryan spends a great deal of his time doing what he loves: writing. Working as a journalist forced the once shy Ryan to step out of his comfort zone leading him to be the extroverted, outspoken person that he is today. Ryan also spends an exorbitant amount of time binge-watching movies or TV shows even when he knows he should be getting work done. Game of Thrones is Ryan’s favorite excuse for his terminal procrastination though he always manages to find something new on Netflix to take up his free time. When it comes to film Ryan has a deep love for genre movies. Some of his favorite movies include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Fly (1986), Pan’s Labyrinth, Princess Mononoke, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Iron Giant. Ryan despises Blade Runner and has never seen a single episode of Doctor Who. Recently he became consumed by an unhealthy obsession with Cloud Atlas, the magnum opus of The Wachowskis.

Ryan is also very uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person.

Follow Ryan on Twitter at @TheRyanMacLean to learn all of his deepest thoughts and desires or email him at Ryan.MacLean@audienceseverywhere.net.