InstagramCapture_2747c614-43c5-464c-8f44-e55376cca666_jpgSean W. Fallon

Hi, I’m Sean. I am from England but I live in Australia. I am an English teacher who has taught in England, Thailand, South Korea and Turkey. I met my wife in Thailand and married her in Turkey in a wedding critics called ‘the best wedding ever’.

I have been writing since I was eight years old, declaring one night to my parents that I was going upstairs to write a novel and wasn’t to be disturbed. I keep a blog at  and I fill it with fiction, articles and 100 word reviews of things I like/dislike. I am currently knee deep in the second draft of my novel about American politics in the 60’s (the novel’s more fun than that description makes it sound).

I have only recently begun writing about movies and I enjoy it immensely, having been a fan of movies since my parents took me to see Last Crusade on the cinema in Liverpool when I was four years old.

My favourite movies are The Exorcist, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Empire Strikes Back, Dark Knight, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Incredibles and tons more.

I am a big geek with a Doctor Who tattoo who loves fun things and comic books.

Oh, and I have a book on Amazon. It’s called Marrying the Animal and it’s a book of one hundred 100 word stories. It can be found here and here.

Also find me on Twitter and Tumblr.