In celebration of Audiences Everywhere’s forthcoming one year anniversary, Shaun and Brian of the No, Totally! podcast have graciously extended an invitation to host four of our writers as guests in separate episodes. If you are fans of what we do here at Audiences Everywhere, you’ll love what these guys (and frequently, some very interesting guests) do with their podcast. Be sure to follow them on social media and listen to their backlog of episodes. Next up for AE on the show, Sean W. Fallon:

I haven’t listened to the episode yet, and I do not envy Shaun, who has the lovely job of editing our detached ramblings down to a coherent form. It was great to talk Exorcist with these guys who were the right level of welcoming and sarcastic. We talked about ’70s pacing, why it takes people so long to believe a girl is possessed, and who the main character of this movie is. There were tangents galore and a young discussion about Daniel Day-Lewis and the possible sequels he should have made. I’m predicting that you will listen to this and say a) what a great discussion; these guys are geniuses and b) so that’s what Sean sounds like.