My second appearance on the Soylent Green Screen is all about the 1963 movie, The Lord of the Flies. Though really the episode is about my hatred of Piggy, what Piggy did next, Lost, Lord of the Flies puns, my wife’s scholarly knowledge of the text, being able to listen to me start with one opinion and talk my way out of it, monocles, jokes, fun, and interesting facts.

The SGS podcast is Aussie-made and deals with some major movies but has its heart mostly set on the weird, the obscure, and the alternative side of cinema. It’s hosted by the wonderful team of Wayne, Michelle, and two guys named Justin (aka Dreamboat and Darkest Timeline).
Once again I command you to listen to the episode I was in and then, obviously, dive into their back catalogue, subscribe, rate, review, tell your friends, and destroy your enemies.