3. The Silent Twins

June and Jennifer Gibbons were identical twins with a unique bond.  As children, the two seemed to possess a deep affection for one another, as twins often do.  Their bond was highlighted by a stubborn shared refusal to communicate with anyone other than the sibling.  They made their own language to communicate with one another.  The two seemed content existing in the exclusive company they provided one another.

Except for when they made an attempt to murder one another by strangling or tossing the other over a bridge.

Both participated in a string of troubling crimes as teens (namely arson and vandalism).  Subsequently deemed psychotic, the two twins would spend years in a mental institution where they reacted harshly to medicinal treatments and wrote novels and stories of a troubling nature.  Eventually, the two would finally make friends with a third party, reporter Marjorie Wallace (the Guardian).  They spoke candidly to Marjorie about their shared frustration in being unable to possess a singular identity, about the anxiety of not being able to look at the other without seeing a mirror, and of preventing the other from living a normal life..

When they were 29 years old, the twins confided to Marjorie that they had decided together that one of them had to die to allow the other a chance at a normal life.  A few days later, in the midst of an unrelated conversation, Jennifer leaned toward Marjorie and whispered “I’m going to die. We’ve decided.”

Ten days after that, while being transported to a new institution, Jennifer kept her promise.  A rare and inexplicable condition stopped her heart before she was even thirty years old.

Level of Skepticism:  No room for skepticism here.  This is all verified fact.

Tips for a Potential Director:  Don’t change a damn thing.

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