2.  The Demonic Possessions of Gary, Indiana

The horror market is over-saturated in demonic possession movies claiming to be based on real events.  Typically (in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, for example), the source story is far less supernatural than the movie would suggest.  The most common explanation to the non-fiction instant is commonly medical (schizophrenia, epilepsy) and verified through diagnosis.  That research discovery can really deflate the fear in a movie.

Which is why I’m including the 2012 case of Latoya Ammons and her three children (Dailymail).  Ammons and her three children moved to their home in Gary, Indiana and immediately complained of hearing footsteps moving through their house.  It wasn’t long before the children (8, 9, and 12) started exhibiting strange behavior:  growling, bulging eyes, eye rolling, shaking bodies.

As the exhibited behavior worsened, Latoya sought help from different sources.  And that’s where the nightmare goes into overdrive, because everyone she went to for help also became convinced that the children were possessed.

A police chief of over thirty years investigated the house, found vague faces in pictures, heard noises on recordings, and became fully convinced of the presence of an evil entity. Other officers refused to go inside for any number of reasons.

A medium warned that over 200 demons were present in the house.

And, perhaps most shocking of all,  testimony was documented from a nurse and a Child Protective Services worker, both of whom claimed to witness one of the young sons walk backwards, up a wall, all the way too the ceiling, all while holding his grandmother’s hand.

After a series of makeshift ceremonies, the Catholic church stepped in an performed an exorcism that seemed to have gotten rid of the terrible influence.

Level of Skepticism:  Skepticism is high, but… that’s a lot of corroborating witnesses.

Tips for a Potential Director:  This story actually might need to be toned down a bit.  Jesus.

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