Featuring Sharknado 2: The Second One

Sharknado 2

It’s terrible! It’s wonderful! It’s wonderfully terrible! Most of all it’s preposterous, and that’s why people love… and love to hate… and hate to love… Sharknado 2. I recently went to an outdoor viewing of the original Sharknado in Brooklyn, and it was easy to see why it became a cult classic. The audience was roaring, I saw hands constantly thrown up in the air (my own often among them), and guffaws and dumb-founded expressions abounded. I munched on blue shark gummies and pondered the meaning of life and art while watching sharks fall gloriously from the sky.

I am not surprised to say that Sharknado 2 (the second one) delivered a similar dose of it’s-so-bad-it’s-good, albeit with slightly (ahem, very slightly) better effects and significantly more celebrity cameos. And, you know, it was set in effing NYC, making it infinitely more awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have), that’s where Dinner (Party) and a Movie can assist. From dishes cheesier than the movie itself, to weather-themed cocktails, we’ve got everything you need to throw an oh-so-classy Sharknado soiree.

Sharknado Party Menu


First up: get the party started with some drinks! Because in the event of an actual weather emergency, every New Yorker’s first stop is… (select the correct response):

a. The grocery store to pick up staples like milk and bread.

b. The drugstore, to stock up on more staples like toilet paper, batteries and other things you might need in a storm.

c. The liquor store. Because you can get through anything if you are properly boozed… and it’s also an antiseptic, right?

If you selected anything other than c…. well, you don’t live in New York. But trust me, you’ll enjoy the film a LOT more if you imbibe while watching, and oh, what a world of possibilities with shark, weather, and ocean-themed drinks! But I’ll contain myself and only share a few.

Dark and Stormy

This classic combination of rum, lime, ginger beer, and simple syrup will set the tone for your evening.

Hurricane cocktail 

Rum? Check. Grenadine? Check. Sour mix? Oh hell yes.

Shark Jello Shots

To make jello shots, make jello according to package directions, but substitute half the cold water for vodka (or white rum… yum.) So for a 3oz envelope of Jello, 1 cup boiling water + 1/2 cup cold water + 1/2 cup liquor. Use either blue or red (eww, I know) jello, and toss in your favorite fish-themed gummi: swedish fish or the blue-and-white sharks.

With all these drinks, feel free to institute some drinking games like this one or  this one or this one.

But be careful, because going at that rate you may never get to the food…

Fish are friends, not food…nah, just kiddin’

Fish Tacos with Lime Cream

There’s something oddly satisfying about eating fish while watching sharks make fools of themselves (and the actors) on-screen. Sort of like spending a day at Seaworld and then going to Red Lobster. These are my favorite fish tacos, and come together in flash – perfect for a party. The lime cream is to-die-for.

Bring on the cheese

You can almost taste the cheese in these movies, so may I suggest some extra-cheesy dishes to go along?

Sneaky Butternut Squash Mac ’n cheese

Whenever a scary thing (like a tornado of sharks) is coming my way, I find I turn to comfort foods like mac ‘n cheese. But just in case the world doesn’t end, it’s probably a good idea not to ingest a week’s worth of calories in one sitting. This dish is the perfect answer – satisfying, cheesy, and sneakily good-for-you.

Cheesy Crab Artichoke dip

‘Nuff said. Serve with toasties, pitas, and fresh veggie crudites.

Desserts and snacks

Bloody-delicious Shark Red-Velvet Cupcakes

Whip up a box of red velvet cake according to the directions, and top with either white or blue icing, or a mix (simulating waves). Then, stick a gummy shark on top, or cookie/fondant (or paper) “fins.”

Blue M&Ms and Goldfish

Fill a clear bowl (one of those small round vases is ideal) with blue M&Ms and mix in a few classic goldfish! Swedish fish would work well too. Hell, put out a whole bowl of just goldfish – did you know they even have a chocolate flavor now?

Watermelon Shark

This one’s a bit labor-intensive, but would make a great centerpiece for your oh-so-classy Sharknado dinner party! When it’s empty at the end of the evening, and your guests are giggly from the drinking games suggested above, turn it into a game by tossing various flavors of goldfish or shark gummies into its “mouth.” Sort of like corn hole, with fishy snacks.


See? Isn’t the movie SO MUCH BETTER when you have themed eats alongside (Not to mention drinking games?!?!)? Don’t worry though – I’ve still got plenty more recipes up my sleeve reserved for Sharknado 3.