“I think you’re underestimating humanity.”

Welcome back, Star Trek. After the super fun but super dumb Abrams approach to the series it’s time for Star Trek to go back to its root. The series is full of grand, science fiction ideas but the series is also tied to concepts of adventure and hope for humanity achieving its potential of unity and equality.

There’s also the theme of legacy carried over from Trek 09 and it works as a metaphor for the direction the reboot took. Kirk in this timeline has spent so much time trying to live up to a pre-established idea of what he should live up to, he forgot to determine his own fate. Star Trek Into Darkness didn’t work wonders on much of the fan community and what else did they expect? It was a reboot of the best Star Trek film that didn’t need rebooting or retooling.

09 worked because it reinvigorated a dead franchise. The heart of the movie was in the proper place and the movie ended up working as a wonderful reentry full of adventure and optimism. Beyond looks likes it wants to continue the trajectory from that film and imbue the same ideals Gene Roddenberry had instilled back into his original vision for the series.

We’ll find out if Star Trek Beyond can boldly fulfill the promise of its trailer on July 22, 2016. For now, things are looking up.


Featured Image: Paramount