With the announcement of Rogue One taking place between Episode 3 and 4 and telling the story how of the Death Star plans were stolen, I began to think: what other stories in the Star Wars universe deserve spin offs?

  1. The Young Han Solo Chronicles

In the original trilogy, the only character that really gets an arc is Luke Skywalker. He goes from nobody to hero to Jedi Knight. Everyone else’s characters make some changes but mostly come fully packaged. Han Solo is the cockiest guy in the galaxy from scene one, and pretty much everyone’s favourite character straightaway. If the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have taught us anything it’s that Lucas was smart to keep his focus upon the journey of his farming everyman, rather than changing the focus to that of the cooler supporting character. However, I would still like to see a film showing the young Han Solo. Maybe how he met Chewie and Lando and the adventures they got up to. I don’t need origin stories for every item of clothing or any pointless fan service, but a scene of Lando losing the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo in a bet would be pretty magical. The question remains, who would you cast as Han Solo? No idea. Have special effects gotten to the point that they can digitally de-age Harrison Ford enough for him to keep doing it? No? Damn it!

  1. Jedi Hunting (with Darth Vader)

After the purge in Revenge of the Sith there are still pesky Jedi out in the universe that Darth Vader hasn’t killed. A movie about Darth Vader carving out his reputation as being a stone cold motherfucker would be pretty intense. Keep in mind that in A New Hope, Darth Vader is not the top dog. He is commanded by Grand Moff Tarkin and some of the imperial dudes give him some serious lip. I know he chokes one of them but not to death. Consider Empire when he is choking dudes like it is going out of fashion. He’s choking so many dudes that there are two guys who follow him around and after he’s choked a dude those two guys drag the aforementioned choked dude away. That’s their job. Anyway, a movie about Darth Vader tooling around the galaxy having fights with Jedi in different, exotic locales would be pretty cool, and very easy to recast, provided James Earl Jones is on board for some voice work.

  1. Ben Kenobi in Exile

This would be the inverse of the above as Kenobi is being hunted. Between Sith and Hope, Kenobi should go to Tattooine to deliver Luke and then go live in a cave. Perhaps have him get side-tracked on the way to the planet by Imperials or bounty hunters leading to an adventure in which a Jedi must kick ass, hide the identity of his passenger, and take care of a baby. It would be like Lone Wolf and Cub but in space. So far this is my favourite idea. Ewan McGregor could come back as Obi Wan and the baby could be played by an unknown. This would basically be a samurai movie set in the Star Wars universe. Kenobi as Ronin, trying to deliver a baby that will eventually be the most important person in the galaxy while dispensing justice and giving life lessons, would be an unfathomably awesome movie.

  1. The Young Leia Organa Chronicles

Star Wars is unfortunately a bit of a boy’s club. I’m pretty sure that, off the top of my head, the original trilogy has three female speaking roles (Leia, Aunt Beru, and Mon Mothma) and only one of those roles is a character in more than one film. A whole movie focusing on Princess Leia would help to push the Star Wars universe in the right direction. You could make a movie about her growing up and navigating court life on Alderaan. Or something set between Hope and Empire as she leads the exodus of the Rebel Alliance as they try and find a new base of operations. Or something between Empire and Jedi as she tries to find a way to get Han back from Jabba. There is a rich vein of stories about the Princess who gives up her charmed life to help the rebels take down the evil empire, and we want to see a movie about it.

  1. Jar Jar Binks: The High School Years

Jar Jar Binks (aka J.J.) is a young Gungan who doesn’t fit in with the cool kids. This summer you’ll see him and his two best friends, played by Adam Sandler and Kevin James, take on the bullies, get the girls, and rule the school. (You’re fired. -Ed)