We can all admit Steve Jobs was an ass. He made things easier in terms of technology, sure, but ask anybody who ever met him, and chances are they’ll let you know how much of a dick he was in person. I don’t like speaking ill of the dead, but I do love how this movie doesn’t shy away from the non-niceties of Jobs. He was a bad father, a terrible person to work for, and probably stole tons of ideas from other people.

I’m still disappointed that this isn’t another Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher team up, but the choice of Danny Boyle for its director is enticing. Even when Boyle’s films aren’t home-runs they have a palpable atmosphere. His movies move. Say what you will about Slumdog Millionaire, that movie  breathes a life of its own; and I could write 20,000 words on the visceral beauty of 28 Days Later.

Then we’ve got the script from Aaron Sorkin, which I hear is quite good. If you follow me on social media, you knew of my disdain for The Newsroom. It was the height of Sorkin masturbating to his own ideologies, and falling victim to his own writing tropes (Amy Schumer has the best takedown).  But when Sorkin has someone to reel in his extensive dialogue and political ramblings, he’s one of the best writers in the business.

Finally we get Leonardo DiCaprio as Steve Jobs. Wait, no, it’s Christian Bale? Wait, it’s actually Michael Fassbender! And I’m not complaining, as Fassbender is a grade-A actor. His accents are always iffy, but damn, he can emote. What’s more, he actually looks right for the part of Steve Jobs. He can probably play the hell out of this role (I’m just concerned about the accent thing, as I don’t want to hear people complain about his accent when he’s still giving a riveting performance).

Given the supposed structure of the film, with its narrative occurring across and between three separate product launches, wouldn’t it have been interesting to see DiCaprio, Bale, and Fassbender play Jobs at different points in his life (a la Todd Haynes’ I’m Not There)? That was never in consideration, but it’s something I can’t help but ponder over while watching this trailer for the film that actually will be.