Sony isn’t having the best year. WSJ reports recent Sony hacks have been unveiling some pretty outlandish things (google: Sony PowerPoint leaks) but for the superhero fans, this story will be the one worth discussing.

To every fan who has been asking for Spider-Man to join The Avengers since the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, they tried. Emails confirm that not only did Marvel attempt to bring the web-slinger into the MCU in time for Captain America: Civil War, but Doug Belrad, president of Sony pictures, had the opportunity to pitch a new Spider-Man trilogy. Before you think “Rebooting it again?” this new trilogy would have kept Garfield and taken place in the MCU. Marvel would have produced and Sony would have dealt with creative control (“creative”), marketing and distribution of the trilogy. So basically using Marvel’s money to make the same mistakes (Avi Arad is still on board and that is not good).

All these discussions fell through, leaving me in a current state of apathy with naïve optimism. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise is in a bad place. It’s drowning at sea. Marvel had a lifeline and Sony rejected it. On the other end of things, Phil Lord and Chris Miller may develop/produce an animated Spider-Man comedy. On the rumor end of things, Sony had even attempted to bring back Sam Raimi as a possible producer or director. The higher up executives at Sony are meeting in January to discuss the future of Spider-Man movies, Sinister Six, Venom, Aunt May Spider-Women, Spider-Babies, etc.

It’s too late to hope for a true crossover between Spider-Man and The Avengers at any point in the near-future. But we can still pray to whatever gods or deities we must for a good Spider-Man movie again. I haven’t given up on you yet, Parker.

And that bit about an animated Spider-Man comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller?