In news that makes me very happy, The Wrap reports Michelle MacLaren has finalized her deal to direct Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. While she may not be able to have free reign or even cast her own Diana Prince in the lead role, MacLaren is on board early enough that she will work on developing the majority of the project from the ground-up, alongside the writers. Wonder Woman first solo outing is due 2017. I recommend you go rewatch your favorite episodes of Breaking Bad, there’s a good chance MacLaren directed most of them.

Meanwhile, over in the Fox Marvel universe…

Oscar Isaac is slowly attempting to takeover Hollywood tentpole films by being too damn good to ignore. Variety reports Oscar Isaac has just closed his deal to be the giant blue/gray X-Men baddie. The first thing I saw him in was Drive (my favorite movie of 2011 in case you were wondering). I remember thinking “Hey, he’s pretty good.” Flash-forward 3 years later, he’s in the next Star Wars film and in talks for every viable superhero franchise. There’s a good chance Apocalypse is what Isaac turned down Doctor Strange for. Here comes my inner-geek to go on a small tangent: I don’t think Apocalypse is a great villain. He’s part of that 90’s era of comics where everyone was drawn with extra bulky arms and had a bunch of tubes going everywhere. His most defining trait was a major crossover called “Age of Apocalypse” and it’s kind of good. The character himself is just a video game boss. There have been attempts to deepen the history of the character and establish him as a “survival of the fittest” Darwinism type of villain. I’m all for that.

What Bryan Singer’s X-Men franchise has going for it over other franchises is the relatively personal stakes and small scale superhero fights. Singer can’t shut up about how excited he is to use mass destruction in X-Men: Apocalypse and that worries me. We have enough large scale disaster porn. Give me a superhero soap opera (which is 100% what the X-Men comics are) over large scale climaxes any day of the week. I’m sure Isaac will still crush it anyways.