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The Near-Brilliant Anti-Art Depravity of We Are the Flesh

“There is no such thing as love,” the sister (María Evioli) explains to her brother (Diego Gamalie) as she stands over his face, dripping menstrual blood onto his lips, “Only demonstrations of love.” This disturbing sequence is one of a handful in Emiliano Rocha Minter’s shocking new film in which a depraved conceit is paired with dialogue that admits the conceit’s thematic purpose. There is no sly and layered symbolism or disorienting obfuscation here. In this sense, Rocha Minter’s film is less like those of Pier Paolo Passolini, Lars von Trier, or Gaspar Noé (shock cinema royalty against whose work Rocha...

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We Are the Flesh is Art at Its Most Disgusting

Overview: A brother and sister stumble into an abandoned building inhabited by a strange man who tempts their deepest desires. Arrow Films; 2016; Not Rated; 79 minutes. Surgery Channel: Perhaps the best indicator of what We Are the Flesh entails happened to be in a conversation overheard in the auditorium before the screening began. “I hear for this one you’re supposed to have a really strong stomach,” he said. “Oh, I’ll be fine,” she replied, “I used to watch the surgery channel.” Unfortunately, watching the surgery channel is not enough to prepare you for We Are The Flesh, a film...

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