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Hidden Figures Favors Drama Over Impact

Overview: Three black women employed by NASA in the early 1960s solve mathematical equations essential to the success of the space program’s manned missions. 20thCentury Fox; 2016; Rated PG; 127 minutes. Women in History: In the early 1960s, a team of black women worked for NASA as mathematicians and engineers to help the U.S. beat the Soviets in the race to space – and none of us knew about them. Hidden Figures shines the spotlight on three real-life women: Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), a brilliant mathematician who graduated high school at 14, college at 18, and taught math before becoming the...

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Fruitvale Station

Overview: Fruitvale Station depicts Bay Area resident Oscar Grant’s last day of life leading up to an unnecessary and devastating tragedy. The Weinstein Company. 2013. Rated R. 85 Minutes. The Story: Fruitvale Station doesn’t shy away from telling Oscar Grant’s story. The film opens with real eye-witness footage of the tragic event that took Oscar Grant’s life in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2009. It’s difficult to watch. For viewers not familiar with the true story, this scene serves as the most honest introduction to the story’s inevitable conclusion. For viewers familiar with the true story,...

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