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So You Think Your Clubhouse is Scary? Intentional Exclusivity in Horror Culture

We’re one week into July of 2014 and already the year has offered numerous horror releases of outstanding quality; so much quality in fact that the genre currently feels as if it’s going through a sort of recovery, if not a renaissance. The early 2014 additions to both the independent and mainstream horror canons have been so measurably improved from the standard of recent years that I finally feel comfortable having a diagnostic conversation about a particular observable trend in horror movie reception, the phenomenon that has been separating self-proclaimed horror fans cleanly into two camps: those who believe that horror has been lacking in recent times and those who have a seemingly unflappable love for all things horror.  To pinpoint the weapon that has created this divisive wound between fan groups, it is necessary to point our glance away from the screen and in the direction of the sub-culture created by the screen. Horror, by its very nature, is not a form that is enjoyable to all film-goers.  The ambitions of horror are distinctly different from any other type of film.  In some cases, the horror experience is a complete subversion of the typical film-going experience.  Horror, in relation to other film forms, is inherently unique in goal, function, technique, and outcome.  This easy-to-characterize separation has allowed for the establishment of  an internal sub-culture.  The distinguishing marks of...

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So You Think You’re Scary: Exploring Horror’s Indie New Wave

When asked to write for Audiences Everywhere in response to, or at the very least in relation to, an ongoing discussion of what makes a horror movie good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, scary or stupid, I knew I had to accept the offer. Like Keith said in his initial post, I was raised on horror movies: at the age of 8, my mother showed me the Evil Dead trilogy (1981; 1987; 1992), and at the age of 12, The Exorcist (1973). Having read the ongoing conversation on Audiences Everywhere, I found myself and my opinions falling somewhere in...

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So You Think You’re Scary? Well… Me Too (A Defense of Modern Horror)

In his essay “So You Think You’re Scary?”, My friend and colleague Keith Rice has a lot to say about horror films from the past few decades, and it isn’t pretty. Keith thinks that the horror genre has a big problem. He thinks it’s gone “off the rails.” In his own words: “We gave up the truly unsettling and haunting, and we actually celebrate the cheap and the repackaged.” Keith also talks about his love for horror. Well, I too love the genre. When it’s done well, I think it might just be my favorite of any genre of...

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