Terrence Malick is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time.  He’s also one of the most divisive– those who are fans celebrate him as possibly the greatest living film director, those who aren’t fans nearly pass out from rolling their eyes at his contemplative, non-narrative approach.

I could debate that he’s made the best film of all time.  I could debate that he’s made the best war movie of all time.  But I also think To the Wonder was garbage, the first misstep in a reserved and sporadic career.

Today, FilmNation Entertainment released the trailer for Mr. Malick’s newest film Knight of Cups starring Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman and others (watch below), and I can’t begin to measure my intrigue.  This seems to be the first film where Malick shifts his gaze away from the natural world (at least in the first half of the trailer) and measures the beauty of existence not by contextualizing love against nature but by measuring love’s absence within a social existence.

Does this all sound like pretentious hot air to you?  That’s fine; legitimate reaction and you probably shouldn’t even hit the play button.  But if you’re an established fan of Malick or are interested in witnessing the work of a film artist who has always played by his own rules, brace yourself for this one.  It might change your life.  That is not overstatement.



Featured Image:  Knight of Cups, FilmNation Entertainment