To undermine the significance of awards shows (and in particular, the big award show) and highlight the predictable mishandling of nominees and winners, our original intent was to make a list of the most ridiculously snubbed actors, actresses, movies, and directors throughout history. I think maybe we got caught up in that knee-jerk outrage that always immediately follows the nomination announcements.

We lost our way. We’d always rather be celebratory than bitter.

When it comes to measuring mistakes, there are really only two pieces of trivia that matter. Neither Alfred Hitchcock nor Stanley Kubrick ever won a bronze statue for directing.  Let’s think about that: two of the most prominent and important film directors AECademy Giveawayof all time (it would be tough to argue that there are any better) never won the big prize for their unparalleled historical talents.

So, to prove that awards are just one metric for measuring the success of film talent, we would like to give our readers a chance to win the ultimate reminder: The Essentials Collection of Alfred Hitchcock and The Visionary Filmmaker Collection of Stanley Kubrick.

Read below for rules and instructions!

How to Win

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4.) A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday, February 21st. He/she will have 24 hours to claim his/her prize.


Contest Rules

1.) Editors of Audiences Everywhere are not eligible to win prizes.

2.) All readers, contestants, and contests must abide by our site’s Terms and Conditions.

3.) All prizes must be claimed within 24 hours by each chosen winner or a replacement winner will be chosen.

4.) All winners must provide a shipping address to receive the prize.

5.) Prizes will be shipped within 7-10 days of the announcement of the winners.

6.) Prizes are assumed to have zero (0) cash value and no refunds or substitutions will be provided.

7.) Only contestants 18 years of age or older are eligible.