Overview: Jason Statham returns in a movie that is supposedly a sequel to a movie that existed. Tommy Lee Jones cameos. Summit Entertainment; 2016; Rated R; 98 minutes.

Resurrection: Is there any better action star stuck in a rut of crummy action movies than Jason Statham? It’s hard to say but Statham is a action star who deserves our attention. The reason to watch high-budget direct-to-video quality is because Statham himself is such a charismatic leading man. He’s a performer who consistently elevates material. Not every one of his movies can be as magnetic as the Crank series but watching Jason Statham throw literally hundreds of knives in The Expendables franchise can make the trip to the theater worth it all. Enter Mechanic: Resurrection

Resolution: All of this is sadly where Mechanic: Resurrection fails to muster the energy required for a Statham vehicle. The action isn’t exciting enough to engage us, Tommy Lee Jones is in a disappointing cameo (although he’s basically returning to his wardrobe from Under Siege, which is the best part of the movie). At 90 minutes, the film should breeze by, zooming through a variety of action sequences as globe-trotting wackiness ensues. The plot is relatively simple: the Mechanic has faked his death and is drawn back into the world of hitmen by a villain whose name I’ve already forgotten. The Mechanic must then take out three targets and stage them as accidents.

It’s pretty tough to write a review when Mechanic: Resurrection leaves no lasting impression. In a movie where Jason Statham kills a man by breaking a glass pool open over a city terrace, that should not be the case. Did I mention Tommy Lee Jones has a cameo? That was what I would describe as a “cool” moment. He doesn’t really do anything of significance and amounts to barely more screentime than Jared Leto’s Joker but without the non-performance. Tommy Lee Jones should have been the main villain. I would have liked to have seen him jump off a building and grab onto a random parasail.

Overall: The nature of espionage and Statham action vehicles should lend this film to action on par with Commando. In a summer of bummers, it’s the perfect opportunity for a sleek 90 minute action movie to burst into the world and stake its claim as a must-watch theater experience. But there is no claim, there is no experience in Mechanic: Resurrection.

Jason Statham is starring in a movie about a Megalodon next year. Will Jason Statham punch the Megalodon in the face? With any luck he brings Tommy Lee Jones with him. This prospect is more exciting than anything in The Mechanic: Resurrection. There’s nothing here worthy of proclaiming the death of cinema, there is simply nothing.

Grade: D

Featured Image: Summit Entertainment