The first Purge movie felt like a disappointment for such a bold promise. One day out of the year where all crime was legal? Anarchy should reign free. And in the far superior sequel The Purge: Anarcy it does! I even gave it a positive review. It’s more of an action thriller than a straight horror movie but I’ll take that over a generic setting born out of a creative idea. Is The Purge the most realistic premise? Maybe not. But movies are fictional constructs where imaginations run wild. And in the real world, Donald Trump is a viable Presidential candidate. Part of me still hoped the concepts would be even crazier. What if we followed a group of bank robbers as they tried to complete a heist while avoiding psychopaths before the night was over? Or a political thriller of some kind? The Purge movies have taken part of that idea with The Purge: Election Year.

Frank Grillo returns because he’s an underutilized leading man in action movies and is joined by Elizabeth Mitchell and Mykelti Williamson. Grillo’s character from the second film is now in charge of a security detail for a Senator played by Mitchell. Mitchell’s characters is a frontrunner for the Presidency who vows to end the Purge once and for all. Something about being a decent human being and whatnots. Mykelti appears to play some sort of resistance member whose cause we glimpsed in Anarchy. The other actors in the movie are probably all going to try and kill them.

The imagery looks as grimy and ugly as ever – a good, but familiar fit for The Purge movies. It also appears the budget is more focused on striking fantastical costumes and hopefully some scathing political commentary. They’ve fully evolved into the action-horror subgenre and I can’t wait to see what this movie has in store.

Featured Image/Trailer: Universal Pictures