Overview: Spectrevision;  2012; Not Rated; 76 minutes.

Strengths:  Toad Road plays out as a docu/mockumentary shot by a bunch of friends. The cast are all real life friends and the film follows them in naturalistic situations as they do drugs and progressively dumber shit .  The drug usage is not glorified as you see in most Hollywood films and it takes a dark twist away from the inebriation once a local urban legend is introduced. It’s a shorter film (which I find to be a strength) but seeing actual effects of drug use leaves a powerful impression.

Tragic Side Note:  This aforementioned element is made even more impactful and terribly sad at the knowledge that the main actress, Sarah Anne Jones, whose character in the story never used an illicit substance before, died of an overdose in real life shortly after filming.

Weaknesses:  The film’s major weakness is its evident lack of a script.  For the better part of the film, director Jason Banker showcases “actors”  who are just hanging out and getting fucked up. It also doesn’t help that there really isn’t one redeemable or likable character.

Watch If You Like:  Requiem for a Dream and other independent cinema

Suggested Alternative Title: Trip on Acid if You Want to Find Hell

Grade: B-