Yes, there are now five Transformers movies. Transformers: The Last Knight keeps delivering the stuff that has made this a multi-billion dollar franchise: pretty people, Mark Wahlberg’s inventor character, explosions, fighting robots, actors slumming it (Sir Anthony Hopkins has entered the robots in disguise phase of his career), car chases, exotic locales, and people shouting things like “This isn’t over!”

What’s new in Transformers: The Last Knight? Nazis and King Arthur. I’m not sure how prominent these elements will be, perhaps they’ll just be part of a montage or the cold open, but at one point you see a man riding a horse being flanked by two robot dragons and god damn it if I didn’t suddenly find myself wanting to watch this movie.

If you’re into this series then Transformers: The Last Knight looks like another winner full of mad shit and, love it or hate it, Michael Bay’s polished flare. Oh, and the slow song behind the images is The Flaming Lips, and also a trend that probably needs to go away.

Transformers: The Last Knight will see theatrical release in the U.S. on June 23, 2017.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures