T LoshTravis Losh

Travis Losh is an avid beer lover who needs nothing more out of life than a pint of Guinness and a solid film. He currently attends Fairmont State University majoring in… whatever he decides to change his major to next (it is currently Electronics Engineering but get back to him next semester). He loves cooking while watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares and Chopped. He thinks he could win every single time, but he more than likely could not. And he loves movies. All things Sci-Fi strike his interest, and he has a deep love for the film District 9. He also has a strong man crush on Ryan Gosling that developed after watching Lars and the Real Girl. He has a strong dislike for the show Lost and he thinks Will Fichtner deserves a leading role. You can find Travis in the Morgantown, West Virginia area, working his way through college in a restaurant serving food and beer. In the non-working hours, he drowns himself in film, working out, and video games.

A few of his favorite films: District 9, The Assassination of the Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Moon, Gattaca, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Take Shelter, and Shotgun Stories.