This week marks the 25th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots and—fitting for an event where so much of it was captured on camera in real time—television is taking a closer look. Yesterday, NPR’s Eric Deggans of Code Switch (if you’re not listening to that podcast, by the way, you should be) offered up a solid overview of this week’s commemorative programs.

Five documentaries about a subject that has been revisited so often, and often so well, might seem excessive. I haven’t yet seen any of these films and am anxiously waiting for them, as maybe you are, so I can’t yet speak to their quality. But any event that still evokes such visceral and painful memories for so many people, Angelenos or not, deserves to be re-examined and reconsidered from every angle—especially when so many of the same patterns and problems still linger. If there’s a personal story someone wants to tell about those weeks in April and May of 1992, I want to be quiet and listen.

Featured Image: Smithsonian Channel