Overview: James McTeigue brings us a sci-fi thriller in a futuristic Britain controlled by an arbitrary autocracy, and a man simply known as V (Hugo Weaving) fights for the people’s freedom. Warner Bros; 2005; Rated R, 132 minutes


Remember, Remember: This film’s script was adapted from Alan Moore’s graphic novel by the Wachowski siblings. The movie never fails to deliver with its Vehement dialogue and Valiant Variations of Vivid imagery that take us on a Vibrant ride, with barely a dull moment, in following one man’s Vendetta and his Valediction to the tyranny.

A Valiant Vaunt: The dialogue is mesmerizing, it swallows us in as we follow V’s Voluble poetic flow all while slamming us with a sinuous story line that emphatically combines two seemingly different lives into one. The way that Hugo Weaving perfectly depicts the pain of having one’s life taken away was nothing short of amazing as he so Valiantly seduces us to fall in love with his character. The deeply felt pain in Weaving’s performance is most evident in the scenes where he explains V’s back story and how his love for someone he had never laid eyes on molded him into the Valiant freedom fighter we now see. His sheer love and compassion, his determination to transform EVey (Natalie Portman) into his Vision, and to show her the way, will strike Viewers as two lives, Very different in nature, crashing together. The film takes us to a place that is so Vitriolic in nature and will leave viewers questioning the will to be free if it is only through suffering that we can obtain a true sense of freedom.

A Few Virulent Points: As the two main characters Vie to steal our hearts they are let down by the supporting cast who are ungracefully laid before us. The council set up by the government may appear to have Validity, but are more a random group of guys faced with no repercussions.  In the interactions between EVey and the talk show host, we lose sight of how driven her character really is.

A Vivid Valediction: The Vigilance shown in every aspect of this film is Vigorously depicted and the attention to minor detail (the letter V appears in almost every scene for instance) is a testament to the depth of the Wachowskis’ writing.  The Vivacious main characters take us in; we feel their pain but are kept entertained with exciting, fast-paced action scenes.

Grade: B+