We like to live up to our name.  Our goal remains the same as when we started:  Our hope is to maintain a global conversation about film, encompassing all types of perspective in an effort to calculate the value of film, both in a general and specific sense, as accurately as possible.  We’d like to think that, so far, we’ve put forth a noble effort.  As it stands, we have contributors spanning coast to coast and contributors on three different continents.  But that still leaves a lot of unaccounted for space and “everywhere” is a lofty ambition.

So, maybe you can help us.  We receive a number of solicitations and we’re always open for adding new talent to our discussion table.

If you would like to join our conversation as a regular or guest contributor, feel free to write to us (preferably with writing samples) at JoinTheConversation@audienceseverywhere.net.  Many of our contributors have found their way onto our team just by asking, so it never hurts to try.  And if you have your own blog or website of your own, we’re more than willing to repost your work or advertise along with your new contribution.

Further, if you have your own website or podcast and would like us to contribute to your conversation, we’re more than happy to network and lend our voices.  If you have an idea for a collaboration, let us know:  Collaborations@audienceseverywhere.net.

While we attempt to reply to all solicitations, response time will vary depending upon the volume of requests.  But we look forward to hearing from you and we appreciate having you all as an audience.  And as always, thank you for partaking in this undying movie discussion with us.