To kick of the new year, two horror movies are being released. You have to know by now that I keep my distance from horror movies. This time is a little different since I have actually seen the movie trailers for both [REC] 4: Apocalypse and The Woman in Black 2. It does not change the fact that I will not watch the movies. Instead, I will watch some movies I have not had to opportunity to see yet.

Netflix Hidden Gem I’ll be Watching:


Holy crap, this is the answer to the horrific outcome known as Kick Ass 2. Besides the fact it features Rainn Wilson (Washington native) and Ellen Page (all-around bad ass) it’s a movie with actual comic references, like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Earlier this year, Jillian released a list of the Best Tim Burton Halloween Movies, which I agree with 100%, so naturally, I believe her recommendation of Super will be spot on.

Blu-ray/DVDs I’ll Check Out:

Get on Up


To say that today’s music is not influenced by James Brown is to lie to oneself. Even if artists do not recognize the harmonies and beats they are recreating, they’ve heard them before, and there’s a chance it could be from James Brown. Bio-pics can either be a hit or miss. Some read straight out of a Wikipedia article while others provide insights never seen before. With this biography, the film does not appear to be an entire retelling of Brown’s life but instead focuses on those who influenced and those who were influenced.

The Guest

A stranger knocks on the door and says he is a friend of recently departed family member. Is it proper etiquette to invite this seemingly nice person into your home? Apparently so. Returning from an overseas tour in the Middle East, a friend of a deceased soldier, returns to his mate’s family with the intention of looking after them. All good intentions aside, trouble appears to follow in this stranger’s shadow. Initially, we are given no name to this man. This is clue one that he has a backstory. He seems a little too inclined to help this family out; clue two, there are other intentions. His skills go beyond the usual basic training; clue three, he’s not just a military man. I’m merely speculating, but there has to be more underneath the surface.

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