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World War III is going to be cyberwarfare, I’m calling it now. With hacks into Sony, JP Morgan Chase, and Target, it’s only a matter of time until the the hackers start tapping into the networks of governments across the world to gain access to weapons. Hell, I will give them more credit and say they’re already monitoring their systems. Let’s be real though, if director, co-writer, and producer Michael Mann did not cast Chris Hemsworth (2014’s sexiest man alive) and pack the film full of action, Blackhat would be dead. If you read “The Cuckoo’s Egg” by Cliff Stoll, you will have a better sense of how uneventful and repetitive tracking down a hacker is. I don’t mean to promote a book, but it’s phenomenal; thank you to my MIS professor who required it for the course. It’s not a hard concept; without the internet, we would be dysfunctional. Hackers have more power than we are willing the admit.

Spare Parts



It was high school, class of 2007 in an AP Statistics, and we had a substitute teacher which meant one thing: movie. To keep the activity somewhat relevant, Stand and Deliver was projected up on the screen. This is the one where a teacher guides his class of mostly rural, latino students through calculus, they ace it, are accused of cheating, retake the exam, ace it again, and thus deliver a combo punch to the face of disbelievers. These sorts of stories about the stereotyped underdogs are out there; they’re untold and they need to be shared. Spare Parts, starring George Lopez, mirrors today’s current landscape with AI and robot wars; there is a necessity for brilliant minds in computer science and robotics. The first trailer was a poor indicator of what this movie could be. The second trailer was immensely better, with glimpses of the George we are familiar with. I was that weirdo in the coffee shop laughing to herself. I’m ready to see what the journey for these students looks like when they go up against MIT.

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The Zero Theorem

Continuing with the theme of technology and science movies is The Zero Theorem, despite Travis’s abysmal review of the film. It seems we cannot get away from trying to find out the meaning of life, some claim it’s 42, but what is it really? I do not expect this movie to reveal the answer, but instead initiate an inner contemplation about what everything means. With the movies we consume, particular ones that are hits with wider audiences, the progression is almost a slap in the face, as if we are unable and unwilling to let a movie provoke deeper questions of existence. But that is the reality we live in, of instant gratification and understanding. It looks electric and will make my head hurt with philosophical theories; I cannot wait.

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