Movies I am Looking Forward to Watching:

The Seventh Son

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

I have not read the book yet. A safer method in navigating the sea of adaptations, for me, is to watch the movie first and the book second. I followed this method with Ender’s Game and the result was satisfying. In The Seventh Son, a young apprentice is trained to go up against evil entities. What I find intriguing is director Sergei Bodrov, decided to take up this project after years of not working on anything. When Jeff Bridges is a mentor I have to watch it; his voice is that of a sage. I hope to see noteworthy battle sequences, however, previews lead me to believe the opponents will be many and the fighting will be brief.


Jupiter Ascending

Why does Channing Tatum have a beard? It bothers me. Beard aside, Jupiter Ascending has sparked my curiosity. I want to find out the lineage and genealogy linking Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) to royalty. With references of humanity as an industry, it is possible the action science fiction adventure front is being used to project other underlying themes. This movie is a mashup of old and new, a crown and the future, aristocratic tradition infused in an ultra modern society. But is this another movie where a helpless woman is saved by a man? I ardently hope Kunis kicks some butt during the harvest.

BluRay/DVD I’ll Check Out:

Force Majeure

I cannot describe the hilarity I felt within the first few seconds of watching the trailer. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the rapidly changing scenes or the attempt in capturing a picturesque family vacation, I am unable to pinpoint it. Other movies grant you the instant gratification: after an event happens, the scene clears within the seconds following. Force Majeure remembers a key component more often recognized in music: the silence is equally as important as the notes.

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