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CHAPPiE, Columbia Pictures, 2015

Coincidentally, I finished a book called “Spark” by John Twelve Hawks. A central piece to the story is artificial intelligence. Often, the assassin of the story is told by various people in his life, “Cogito, ergo sum,” quoting Rene Descartes– I think; therefore I am. Dion Wilson (Dev Patel), Chappie’s creator, is certain Chappie’s ability to think and feel is the next step in their current robotic technologies. Is that enough? To think and feel, thereby existing? Chappie is an extension of these questions I have, a different set of eyes to see how director, Neill Blomkamp visualizes an extended version of his original Tetra Vaal, shot in 2004. Perhaps his inspiration hedges off the thoughts of Isaac Asimov and his I, Robot.

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The Imposter

So much for really knowing who your family is. It seems absurd really, the person they believe to be their son can no longer speak English and he has an accent. How did Bourdin pull it off? I am absolutely intrigued to know how he did it, how he spun his tale and the manner in which he did it, and how he felt, if anything at all. Bourdin is not the only deceptive mind out there, I am certain of it. He just represents the population we would rather not think about, but now that I am aware, I cannot stop thinking about it.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

Toothless ranks among the top of my favorite dragons, he’s even one the background images that rotates on my laptop display. I did not have time to finish this movie on the plane, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the story concludes. Hiccup is a few years older, the village is inhabited by dragons and vikings in a harmonious accord, and there is something causing the dragons to enter a trance-like state. Hiccup, the early dragon-whisperer if you will, takes the lead to find out. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Dreamworks has won me over with their characters, each one different from the next, enough variation to find someone to identify with. Their characters tend to have more human attributes and flaws. But besides all that, I truly just want to see Toothless.

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