Movie I Will Watch:

The Divergent Series: Insurgent


The Divergent Series: Insurgent, Summit Entertainment, 2015

I am a completionist. Seeing the first installment automatically dictates I watch the second, third, and however many movies the franchise decides to roll out. Given the opportunity to watch an advanced screening did not generate enough excitement for me to make an effort to get my butt to the theater. Perhaps it’s something I will regret later, but I’m feeling pretty good about my decision to delay watching it. So, what would persuade me to watch Insurgent without a fraction of interest? To scout out everything I dislike about it. I have not read the book, and my observations are not based on comparing book-to-movie and vice versa.

Movie I am likely to Watch:

The Gunman

The Gunman looks familiar… Ah, Mr. Pierre Morel, your style is most recognizable in a most unflattering form, albeit your directorial skills or cinematographer selctions. A complex villain makes for a complex protagonist evolution; I am uncertain The Gunman can offer these dual forces. As far as I can tell, The Gunman is the same story we’ve seen before: Macho man has girl and secret past, secret past rears its ugly head, girl is captured, macho man saves girl. Insert impressive looking car, some guns, and an exotic location. Blend well. Change cast and voila, a “new” movie! In all honesty, I’m not being fair since this movie is based on a book. But what movie nowadays is not an adaptation?

Netflix Hidden Gem Hidden Gem I’ll Check Out:


Netflix, please save me from the poor options out this week. Diego’s recommendations have yet to fail me. How is Manhunter any different from the gun-wielding Sean Penn in The Gunman? For one, Manhunter has an awesome 1980s soundtrack. Two: I have no idea who most of the actors and actresses are meaning there is a chance I will research other movies they have starred in. Three: I found out William Peterson is Will Graham. That is reason enough for me to watch it (his moodiness). I knew there was a win somewhere this week.

If we get any more weeks like this, I may have to start looking towards Hulu for more movies. Oh wait, I already have.

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