Movie I Am Looking Forward to Watching:

Get Hard

I watched Kevin Hart’s The Wedding Ringer and was drawn in by Hart’s presence and humor. Upon seeing the upcoming trailer for Get Hard, I knew I was going to watch it despite one fact: I do not like Will Ferrell. I do not think he is funny. What kind of person does that make me? I have no idea. I have been called heartless because I was not moved by a story of two teenagers dying of cancer. Maybe my funny bone is oddly askew. And my mum wants to watch Hart again; it is rare for her to actively pinpoint a movie based on an actor. I cannot let this one slide by.

Netflix Hidden Gem Hidden Gem I’ll Check Out:


I added Lunopolis to my list of movies weeks upon weeks ago. I only added it because it gave some indication of having moon-related content and I am one of those awful people who judges a movie by its movie poster. Yes, I do this with books too. I have been making progress through my queue, but I am going to bump this one up since Richard recommended it. Based upon the image Richard chose for the Netflix Hidden Gem piece, I immediately thought of the Silence from Doctor Who, the stance, the grainy image, the sense of ominosity. I am always up for a good conspiracy theory and throw in some science-fiction, it gets even better.

Blu-ray/DVD I’ll Check Out:

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar and Wild


Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, Warner Bros., 2014

The Outcast, two white dudes randomly transplanted in Asia– ugh. The Rewrite, a romanti– ugh. Wildcard, Jason Statham– double ugh. I made it a goal for myself to watch more documentaries this year and my progress has been dismal. What else have I been slacking off on while I’m at it? Hiking. Perhaps Reese Witherspoon’s trek through Oregon will reignite my interest. Or even inspire me to do some traveling to the fellow Northwest neighbor. I need to get outside.

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