Netflix Movie I’ll Check Out:

Ties That Bind

In Ties That Bind, a Ghanaian film, three woman face one common heartache: the loss of a child. Each woman has her own social standing and circumstances. This film documents each woman’s strength, either internally or externally, as they navigate the patriarchal standards and come together for support. Netflix was letting me down, with poor selection featuring people of color. With a surge of Nigerian movies as well, I hope they can remain consistent and provide more variety.

Blu-ray/DVD I’ll Check Out:

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Today, pictures are taken at every conceivable moment as proof something happened. In nature, why concern yourself with the perfect shot when perfection lies beyond a rectangular border? Documentaries, such as Antarctica: A Year on Ice, are eyes on a sight we would not see. I am a sucker for stars. Stars and the Southern Lights? It sounds like heaven on Earth. It is almost dangerous for me to watch the film, acting as further enticement to venture into the barren and extreme conditions. I would have a field day as my limbs go numb, but with my eyes locked with the eyes of the skies. When I take a holiday to Australia, I will add another leg to my trip…to Antarctica.

Enter the Dangerous Mind

I have been reading books featuring potentially mentally unstable individuals from people with multiple personalities to voices in their heads to suicide successes and failures. A movie seems like an appropriate supplement for this newly found interest. Enter the Dangerous Mind appears to start out slow, accelerates, and does not stop. I do not recognize any members of the cast, this for me, creates a greater sense of realism. They aren’t the faces I associate with other movies. They are strangers. Thriller/suspense movies are my equivalent to a horror movie because there is a greater chance of encountering a dangerous mentally ill person unknowingly. Their actions? Unpredictable.

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