Movie I’m Looking Forward to Watching:

The Dead Lands

Of course, weeks later after compiling a list of Pacifica movies, The Dead Lands directed by Toa Fraser is released. Although it is limited in the U.S. and no theater within a reasonable vicinity is playing it, the movie is available on iTunes for my viewing pleasure. James Rolleston, who plays the son of a Maori chieftain, has grown up since his role in Boy. I almost could not believe it was him. Similarly, both movies are a coming of age tale. In The Dead Lands, Hongi (Rolleston) must travel through treacherous Dead Lands to bring honor to his slain family. Only in the Dead Lands will he find the warrior who can help him. Rolleston won me over with his easy nature in Boy, and I am ecstatic to see how he has progressed for this action/adventure role.

Child 44

Russians are always the villains. It’s been done repeatedly. Child 44 takes place in Moscow, Russia and murder is not commonplace. After a mysterious death of a child, the authorities must face the fact a killer prowls for another. Based on a real serial killer, who appears considerably more tame compared to the atrocities executed by Andrei Chikatilo, who gained sexual satisfaction only after he stabbed his victims. Then again, I’m only referencing the trailer. With the trifecta of Tom Hardy, Gary Oldham, and Jason Clarke, I have no doubt this movie is worth watching.

Cinema Around the World Movie

Goodbye Lenin

I’ve got New Zealand and USSR lined up. Why not continue the global theme and head over to Germany? I know I am going to enjoy this movie. Sara has some great picks. I’ve got a good thing going this week with an action movie, a thriller, and a comedy. Alex is likable. His grand scheme to keep his mother from having another heart attack by living in an altered reality is charming as the charade becomes more difficult with each new request. This complicated lie is bound to unravel, but when and how?

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