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I, like the rest of the world, will be devoting a couple of hours to The Avengers: Age of Ultron. But besides Age of Ultron, two quirky movies are coming out this weekend. One of them being Reality.  Despite the accurate descriptions, not really sure which ones are accurate, it is the internet, and the straightforward trailer (again, not really); it is no surprise when I am not really certain what Reality is about. I have read it is about a movie-producer in search of film’s best groan. I have read it is about a shy cameraman who directors his first horror film. I have seen a furry mascot. I have read that while the cameraman is shooting, he becomes entrapped in a dream. I don’t know what I will get myself into when I watch this movie, but maybe that’s the point: we don’t know where things will go with reality.

Welcome To Me

Alice (Kristen Wiig) is infatuated with the ways and words of Oprah Winfrey and winning the lottery brings her closer fully living those words. With her winnings, Alice is launches her own television sitcom. Rich (James Marsden), either smitten or fully supportive, tries to remain supportive throughout the farfetched requests and outcomes all originating from the mind of Alice. A dumbfounded Alice soon struggles when she is unable to attain the greatness that is Oprah. Alice appears to be authentic and a fitting role for Wiig. Wiig was outstanding in The Skeleton Twins. This may be Wiig’s niche, a mentally unstable individual in one sense or another.


As I mentioned before, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is the highlight of the year for many, if not all, Avengers and Marvel fans. Being a fan of Superman (the hero, not the movies), I am lukewarm to its release. Since it is National Honesty Day, here is my secret for you: I fell asleep watching the first Avengers movie. This weekend marks one of the most monumental weekends in modern sports. Hell, some are calling it the biggest fight of the century. Although, I do not recall a fight big enough to merit such a title in the first place. If not this century, then all of mankind- David versus Goliath? In anticipation, I will be watching Manny, a documentary showcasing Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao. This way, I knock out two goals: prepare for the fight and watch another documentary. There will be Filipino feasts and cases of Corona and San Miguel beers to be drunk. Needless to say, go Pacman! Let’s get ready to rumble! (I had to say it.)

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